Reiki With Horses - performance thru natural healing & relaxation methods.
As horse owners and trainers, we know horses are among the most sensitive animals on Earth.
Horses know the difference between experienced riders, children, those with special needs. I've watched my own horses drop his head (without my asking) into the lap of someone who was blind, so that they could experience the softness of a nose.
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Horses are highly intuitive animals and often need to be related to in that way to reach their peak performance, whether that's in the show ring, on the trail or simply in the backyard.
Treatment sessions are generally performed at your facility, so that your horse will be more relaxed and comfortable. I will travel to facilities in Houston, Brenham, Austin, Bryan/College Station and points in between.  For barns outside of that area, we can make arrangements as my schedule permits.
Before a treatment I will review the horse's history with the animal's owner/caretaker. This involves going through the history of the equines health, behavior and lifestyle. It also includes paperwork for the owner/caretaker to sign to consent to the healing being carried out and acknowledging that it is being used as an alternative to veterinary treatment. Therefore please allow extra time for your animal's initial session.
The Reiki treatment is adapted to the individual animal. A very nervous horse can have their Reiki given over the stall door - the energy works just the same as it does if given 'hands on'. Those that are relaxed can be worked with in a stall while being held or can be tied up outside.  Whatever works best for the horse is what we want to do.  Most sessions will last from 45-90 minutes per horse.
Please note that it is best for your horse to be as relaxed as possible during the treatment.   In order that they achieve maximum benefits from the treatment it is strongly recommended that you choose a time when their surroundings are as undisturbed as possible. 
When I work with the horse, I will cover their chakras, aura, particular areas that they have had problems with and areas that I am drawn to that I feel needs the energy. This is usually undertaken via hands-on, hovering my hands a few inches above, from a slight distance or beaming the energy from the stable door.
You may see the physical effects of the Reiki being absorbed by your horse such as them licking, chewing, their head dropping, muscular twitches, yawning, snorting, sighing, relaxing or them falling asleep.  Some actually lay down and go to sleep during a session!
What to do after the session?
It's important to remember to allow your animal to rest post-treatment as they may feel very tired and relaxed. Make sure that they have plenty of fresh water since most are very thirsty afterwards and it helps to flush-out any toxins that have been released.
How many treatment sessions will my horse need?
This is totally up to you and your horse. If your horse is receiving treatment for general well-being, they would benefit from having regular treatments every two months to keep them in optimal performance.
If we are treating your horse for specific conditions, follow-up sessions will vary depending on the severity of the issue. They would probably benefit from having treatments every 1-2 or 3-4 weeks, depending on their progress.
What a few of our clients have to say about
Reiki With Horses
We couldn't believe how much a one-hour session would change our horse's attitude.  He was aggressive, but distant and we weren't able to handle him without a battle.  After two reiki sessions, he had a complete turn-around.  He's friendlier and much more social.  It's been over a year now and his improvement continues.  The reiki sessions gave us a new horse!  ~ WH
Our Mare is 24 years old and has been crippled with arthritis for a long time.  She had three brief reiki treatments and started running around in the pasture, just like when she was young.  It was wonderful to see how much this has helped her.  ~ D.N.
One of our aged horses began having problems with his digestion.  Every time he ate, he'd end-up laying down on us.  He'd lost a little weight, so we ran through a full range of testing with our veternarian and all of his vitals and blood work were fine.  We started giving him reiki treatments several times a week and within just a few days, he was back to normal and eating his full rations again.  Now he's good as new, eating everything in sight and no longer having any problems.  Thanks so much for all your help!  ~ B.B.
When one of our horses passed away, his best friend of 14 years had a horrible time dealing with the grief.  He's the leader of the herd, but was just laying down and refusing to get up.  We had two one-hour reiki sessions with him the first week and one distance reiki session the following week.  Right after the first session,he started getting back up and eating.  After the second session, he began moving the other horses around again.  By the third session, he was back to his old self - a little quieter, but certainly in a much better place now.  It's been 18 months and we haven't had any more problems with him.  We believe that these sessions saved his life.  ~ Jen P.
Will you work with veterinarians?
ABSOLUTELY!  Reiki is an excellent complimentary treatment that works beautifully with traditional veterinary care, enabling the horse to be more relaxed and heal faster.  I will never tell someone that Reiki is to be used instead of traditional medical care - but it is an excellent way to help heal the horse on an emotional level, in addition to physically.
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